Alumni Association Registration


D.s. Government Degree College for Women has a registered Alumni Association. It was registered in the year-2020 under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registrations Act Number-107. Its purpose is to create a network of Alumni students, contributing to personal and career development of current and passed out students in addition to taking an active part in the developmental initiatives of the institution. Apart from offering financial support, the alumnae provide intellectual support to the institution.

The Alumni Association of College for women, Ongole has been formed in order to fulfill the long felt need for a forum and the cherished desires of its alumni to activate its functioning a committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinate the all-around activities of the Alumni Association.


The College is willing to extend all possible cooperation for the success of this enterprise, which is a link between the past and the present and holds connectivity to the future.

D College for women, Ongole has a registered Alumni Association which actively participate in the college developmental activities and also in Important activities




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Alumni Association Registration


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