Department of Chemistry



It is the mission of the department to give young women with access to an education of sufficient caliber so that they may participate in the growth and development of the nation. In addition to our focus on imparting theoretical information, we make it a point to give our students real-world experience in order to better equip them to shape their own lives and the world around them.


The mission of the Chemistry Department is to support other academic programs in the college by providing quality chemistry learning experiences, building proactive partnerships with industry, and providing efficient training as well as educational and technical services to society. This will be accomplished within an environment that is innovative and intellectually stimulating.



Programmes Offered 2021-22


S.No. Programme Offered Medium Year Sanctioned Strength Admitted Strength
1 Botany, Zoology, Chemistry (BZC) English I Year 30 30
English II Year 30 30
English III Year 30 30
2 Aquaculture, Zoology, Chemistry (AZC) English I Year 30 18
English II Year 30 19



Semester wise Chemistry Syllabus


S.No. Semester Sullabus