Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computers was established in the academic year 1991-92 with mathematics and physics as allied combinations and Cloud Computing course was started with group combinations of Mathematics, Computer science and Cloud computing in 2020. M.Sc Computer Science course was started in 2022



To foster teaching environments that will enable graduates to become technologically savvy, creative, self-driven, and responsible citizens who also possess human values.





UG Programs


Combination Sanctioned Strength
B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Computer science) 30
B.Sc.(Mathematics,Computer science,Cloud Computing) 30



PG Programs


Combination Sanctioned Strength
M.Sc Computer science 30



Present Teaching Staff:


S.No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 U.Sarala Lecturer in Computer Science M.Tech View
2 Y.Sushma Lecturer in Computer Science M.Tech View
3 Y.Pavani Lecturer in Computer Science M.Sc. View



Semester wise Computers Syllabus


S.No. SubjectSemester Sullabus
2B.Sc MPCsVView
3B.Sc CloudI,II,III,IVView
4B.Sc CloudVView
5B.Com C.AI,II,IIIView
6B.Com C.AIVView
7B.Com C.AVView
8All SubjectsIIIView



Result Analysis


S.NoAcademic Year Result Analysis