Department of Political Science


The Department of Political Science was established in the academic year 1984-1985 with Hisory , Political science and Economics as allied combination. The medium of instruction is English. The intake capacity of the Students to History Department is 40.The department is conducting Assignments, Unit Tests, Students seminars to assess the progress of the Students. The department is also providing Remedial coaching for the Slow Learners. The lectures in the department are supplying additional inputs such as Journals, Newspaper Clippings etc. for the better understanding of the Subject.

The Department encourages as well as guides the Students to build up their Career. Additional reading material is available in the department for students preparing for competitive exams. P.G entrance, B.Ed entrance exam etc. We encourage the students to go to Library and refer articles in journals and prepare material for the competitive exams. The department library is having Text books, Yojana, and Magazines.



The vision of the department is to improve the strength and results gradually.
The mission of the Department is to enrich the students’ knowledge update and also improve the employment generation .



At the beginning the Department Admission is very low. The hard working and dedication of the Lectures the Department strength was improved year by year. It is the great achievement of the department. The Lectures have taken special classes for Slow Learners and continuously taken some new steps for improving the results. The hundred percent results are achieved by the department for every year. It becomes the strength of the department.


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