Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in the academic year 1984-1985 with Economics , Political science and History as allied combination. The medium of instruction is Telugu. The intake capacity of the Students to ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT is 40.The department is conducting Assignments, Unit Tests, Students seminars to assess the progress of the Students. The department is also providing Remedial coaching for the Slow Learners. The lectures in the department are supplying additional inputs such as Journals, Newspaper Clippings etc. for the better understanding of the Subject.

The Department encourages as well as guides the Students to build up their Career. Additional reading material is available in the department for students preparing for competitive exams. P.G entrance, B.Ed entrance exam etc. We encourage the students to go to Library and refer articles in journals and prepare material for the competitive exams. The department library is having Text books, Yojana, and Magazines.

Vision and Mission

The department of Economics was established in the D.S.GDC(W) in the year 1985.The college was first started at Zilla Parishad Buildings in heart of the Town near Siva temple. Then the college was shifted to Bhagyanagar 4th line 11th cross road with permanent building. The vision of the department is to improve the strength and results gradually. The mission of the Department is to enrich the students’ knowledge update and also improve the employment generation .


Day/Period Sem 1 2 3 4 5 6
Monday I II Paper
II IV Paper
III VI Paper
Tuesday I II Paper
II IV Paper
III VII Paper VI Paper
Wednesday I II Paper
II IV Paper
III VI Paper VII Paper
Thursday I II Paper
II F.M(2nd B.A)
III VI Paper VII Paper
Friday I
II IV Paper
III VI Paper VII Paper
Saturday I II Paper
II V Paper IV Paper
III VI Paper VII Paper

Programmes Offered

S.No Programmes Offered Medium Sanctioned Strength
1 History,Economics and Political Science English 40

Semester wise Syllabus for Economics

S.No Semester Syllabus
1 I,II,III & IV View
2 V View


At the beginning  the Department Admission is very low. The hard working and dedication of the Lectures the Department strength was improved year by year. Its the great achievement of the department. The Lectures have taken special classes for Slow Learners and continuously taken some new steps for improving the results. The hundred percent results are achieved by the department for every year. It becomes the strength of the department.

Staff Details

PhotoNameDesignationQualificationExperienceBio Data
CH Srinivasa RaoLecturerMA, BE.d13View

Student Enrollment

2021-22 25 01 05 31
2020-21 22 02 07 04 02 37
2019-20 26 01 06 01 34
2018-19 07 02 01 10
2017-18 23 02 01 26

Result Analysis


S.No Semester Name of the Course No.Of Appeared No.Of Passed Pass Percentage
1 I Micro Economics -Consumer Behaviours 30 27 90
2 II Micro Economics -Consumer Behaviour and Price theory 30 29 100
3 III Macro Economics -National Income Employment and Money 30 25 83
4 IV Economic Development in India and Andhra Pradesh 26 26 100
5 IV Statistical Methods for Economics 26 26 100
6 V Economic Development and Indian Economy 36 36 100
7 V Indian and Andhra Pradesh Economy 36 36 100
8 VI Agricultural Economics 36 36 100

Departmental Activities

S.No Date Programme Conducted
1 02/112022 Training Programme
2 27/10/2022 Field Trip
3 15/09/2022 Quiz Program
4 14/07/2022 Quiz With Plickers
5 11/07/2022 World Population Day
6 07/04/2022 Group Discussion
7 19/03/2022 Quiz Program
8 10/03/2022 N.S.S Program
9 15/12/2021 Student Seminar
10 08/12/2021 Guest Lecture

Best Practices

Every Year The Economics Department collect some Books from the Students who are finished the Semester Examinations.The collected Books are distributed to the Juniors.This activity was done by the Department   every year.

  1. To inculcate the Service motive among the Students.
  2. To improve the habit of keeping the Books safe.
  3. To provide Life Skills Habit.
  4. To improve the awareness About Service Others.
  1. Students achieved the service of helping Others.
  2. Students achieved Life Skill.
  3. Students improved their Safe keeping Books Habit.
  4. Students have succeeded in helping others.

Continuous Internal Assessment

S.noAcademic YearSemesterDocument Link
12021-22I and IIIClick here
II and IVClick here
22022-23I and IIIClick here

Student Progression

S.NoStudent NameYear of PassingHigher EducationProof
1Galimolu AmulyaMarch 2020M.A(Eco)A.N.U) P.G campus ONGOLEView
2Kottimira BindupriyaMarch 2020 M.A(Eco)PG Campus , OngoleView
4Yuraka Lakshmi BhargaviMarch 2020M.A(His)P.G Campus, OngoleView
5Bethamcharla JyothirmaiMarch 2022M.A(His)P.G Campus, OngoleView
6Pattpaati MariyammaMarch 2022M.A(Eco)P.G Campus, OngoleView
7Peyyala PoojaMarch 2022M.A (Eco)(A.N.U VisakhaView