The Cultural Education Centre is dedicated to serve the development and enhancement of cultural and educational activities within the campus and in reach of the community. It is fully interdisciplinary in scope. We envision a Center that provides opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas and skills between the community and the outside world to foster scholarly and creative activities in art, culture, literature, performing arts and education. All with the aim of generating cross-fertilizing conversations and skill transfer among interlocutors on and off the campus.


To identify and nurture inherent talent among students and provide a platform to exhibit their skills in various forms of Art.


Achieve excellence in art forms by multitasking and work as a team building positive relationships among students


  • Promote opportunities for everyone to experience culture, participate in educational programmes and develop their creative abilities.
  • Promote quality and artistic renewal. Promote a dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved, used and developed.
  • Promote accessibilities.