The Career Guidance Cell of DSGDCW is actively involved in career counselling and employment guidance of the students by organizing various events that provide relevant training and career opportunities since its inception.



The vision of the Career Guidance Committee is to empower individuals to make informed, confident, and successful career choices that align with their passions, skills, and aspirations. We aim to be the guiding light on their journey toward fulfilling and rewarding careers.


The mission of the Career Guidance Committee

1.Offer Comprehensive Guidance

2.Promote Self-Discovery

3.Facilitate Skill Development

4.Connect with Industry

5.Empower Decision-Making

6.Promote Lifelong Learning


  • To aid in the student’s overall development
  • to aid in making the right career decisions
  • To organize Programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies.
  • To develop readiness for choices and changes to face need challenges
  • To plan and provide a range of programmes on communication, soft skills, and personality development.
  • To set up pre-placement training programmes so that students may demonstrate their abilities in interviews
  • To encourage young people to pursue self-employment


Convener: Sri Ch. Srinivasa Rao (Lecturer in Economics)


  1. Sushma (Lecturer in Comp Science)
  2. Showreelamaa (Lecturer in Commerce)