Students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution, government and non-government bodies, industries, individuals,philanthropists during the last five years.

YearName of the schemeGovernment/Non- GovernmentName of the individual
Number of students benefitedAmount (in INR)Consolidated Report
2021-22Jagananna Vidya DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh4033252128 Vidya Deevena 2021-22
2021-22Jagananna Vasathi DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh64634600Vasathi Deevena 2021-22
2021-22Aid From the Government to Final Year StudentsGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh88400270
Aid from Govt 2021-22
2021-22Endowment PrizesNon- GovernmentDSGDCW Ongole125830
Endowment Prizes
2020-21Jagananna Vidya DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh3101817590Vidya Deevena 2020-21
2020-21Jagananna Vasathi DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh66660000Vasathi Deevena 20-21
2020-21Aid From the Government to Second and Final Year StudentsGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh147379138Govt. aid 20-21
2019-20Jagananna Vasathi Deevena60600000Vasathi Deevena 2019-20
2019-20Endowment PrizesNon- GovernmentDSGDCW ongole2117340Endowments 2019- 20
2019-20Jagananna Vidya DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh2511358478Vidya Deevena 2019-20
2018-19Jagananna Vidya DeevenaGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh222812264Scholarships 2018-19
2017-18Scholarships from Govt APGovernmentGovt. of Andhra Pradesh202810190Scholarships 2017-18