Health  is every student’s first choice for health care and health education. We lead the way in fulfilling the Organization’s commitment to fostering a well and vibrant learning community.

Health  provides whole person-centered care and services, illness prevention and health promotion, co-curricular learning opportunities, and public health leadership and expertise. All are tailored to support our students’ health, well-being, and personal development, the health of the campus community and the mission of our Institution.


To foster a healthy and thriving college community through proactive healthcare initiatives, promoting well-being, and ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for all


  • To ensure accessible healthcare services for all the students of the college.
  • To prevent illnesses through proactive measures such as vaccination campaigns, health checkups, and maintaining a clean and hygienic campus environment.
  • To conduct regular health and wellness awareness programs aimed at educating and empowering students on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • To ensure immediate and appropriate medical attention for students in case of illness or injury, facilitating their prompt recovery and return to academic activities.


  • The inherent worth and potential for growth of all individuals.
  • The treatment of all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in the pursuit of social justice.
  • Communication that is open, honest and direct.
  • The highest standards of professionalism, with an emphasis on quality of care, ethical behavior and ensuring confidentiality.
  • The powerful role of education in all of our work.


Albendazole tablet Distrtibution for PHC staff

Cardiologists explaining basic life support to students and staff of the college