JKC aims to equip college students with practical skills that are relevant to the job market. This includes training in areas such as communication skills, computer proficiency, soft skills, and domain-specific knowledge.

JKC centers often collaborate with various industries and companies to offer students exposure to real-world scenarios and job opportunities. This collaboration helps bridge the gap between academia and industry.



To Encourage and motivate students to realize their potential and capabilities and maximize their scope of their self achievement. To promote Government – Institute – Industry relations through training and placements. To help desiring students find employment soon after Graduation in reliable job sectors. To offer wide range of employability skills   and  long term employment opportunities in various Govt. and Public sector units. To rigorous and systematic student centered training in a completely equitable learning environment. To engage students in training programs supported by cost effective and systematic technology backend teaching/learning aids. To facilitate on the job training environment and work experience through “Earn-while-learn” schemes. To offer career counseling to job aspiring students and guidance to students seeking higher studies.


  1. The Commissioner of Colligate Education has sanctioned the much coveted project of the state Govt., Jawahar Knowledge Centre to this college. The purpose of JKC is to enhance the employability of the young graduates’ skills and to encourage creativity and self learning for pursuing higher education. JKC helps in bridging the existing gap between the rural and urban student community.
  2.  The JKC established in 2006-07 aims at providing suitable training for enhancing employment opportunities for second and final year degree students.
  3.  Students are given coaching in soft skills, communication skills, arithmetic concepts and technical skills.
  4.  JKC imparts training to prepare the student s for professional aptitude council exam (PAC) which is first standardized aptitude test recognized by multiple employers to help identify and screen qualified job applicants on global basis.
  5.  The course content of many programmes has been designed to be job oriented to enhance job opportunities. As a result of relentless efforts of the centre about 517 students got placements in different organizations. Career guidance cell of the college also guides all students to further studies and placements.
  6.  The institution has career guidance cell and a designated placement officer.
  7.  A number of career oriented programmes are designated leading to a parallel diploma certificate which also facilities for self employment.
  8.  The college is organizing Special Training programme for SC, ST, OBC, minority students for entry into services from APRIL 2013.
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About JKC

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated JKC in 2005 as a reliable solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying non-professional courses in Degree colleges of AP. The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has paved way for a growing demand for hard working and talented students good in computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically. Jawahar Knowledge Centre’s primary aim is to provide intensive training to students in employable skills and enable students avail themselves of the bright opportunities in the global job market. Remarkably, the centers are best utilized by the poorest of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Students from rural areas who have no access to advantages experienced by their urban counterparts are provided the latest technologies and opportunities to upgrade their skills and encouraged to compete for better standards of living. The centre received overwhelming response from day one and the encouraging placements add to its strength and objectives. JKCs established in degree colleges provided with a world class infrastructure and experienced faculty are totally dedicated to students and totally involved in providing the best training to help the students climb the ladder of success. JKC helps students to realize their potential and aim high in life and particularly it motivates and encourages students to be creative, independent and self reliant. JKC Centre helps students in colleges gain confidence and the ability to contribute to the economic and intellectual prosperity of the country


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