Code of Conduct Handbook

Academic Rules, Regulations & General Code Of Conduct

The D.S Govt. Degree College administration takes step for the better career building of students for which full cooperation from the students and their guardians is expected. The students admitted to this College are directed to abide by the following Rules /Regulations / General Code of Conduct:

Code of conduct to students

1.Students are expected to maintain the bestdiscipline and a very good manner of behavior inside as well as outside the college campus.

2. A six day working schedule from Monday to Saturday is followed. Classes are scheduled from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

3. All the students are expected to be present in the class well -within time and late coming is not encouraged

4. Teachers shall be greeted appropriately with “Good Morning madam/sir” or “Namasthe madam/ sir”

5. Nobody shall enter or leave the class room when the session is going on without any permission.

6. In the events of Student seminars/project presentations etc., it is compulsory that all the students of the concerned class be present for the entire session

7. Students can not leave the campus during class hours without any permission of Principal/ HoD/the lecturer.

8. All students shall leave the classes immediately after 5.15 p.m. No students permitted to wander or gather in verandah, corridor, and staircase etc.

9. Students shall come to the college in approved uniforms. Besides those who are in laboratories shall wear their respective lab-coat.

10. All the students are expected to attend all college functions in college uniform unless otherwise specified

11. All the students shall wear their identity cards and it must be well displayed

12. All kinds of tattooing, body piercing, hair styling etc. that could go against the academic values and they will be referred to the discipline committee and action will be taken.

13. Any dress code violation noticed within the campus will refered to discipline committee sand could initiate further disciplinary actions

14. All the students must maintain silence in the academic buildings to maintain the decorum and, any deviant behavior such as hooting, whistling, loitering etc. will be treated as an instance of indiscipline

15. Students are encouraged to make use of the library, common computing facilities and to involve in professional body activities or any program authorized by the college beyond class hours.

16. All the students shall keep the campus neat and clean. Do not put/throw any waste anywhere in the campus except in the dustbins kept.

17. It is strongly stated that students are not permitted to do the activities such as scribbling or noting on walls, door or furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambiance

18. Students are advised to handle the furniture, equipments, fixtures and appliances of the college and lab carefully

19. Students are strictly avoided to not arrange any unauthorized celebrations and decorations of any magnitude in the campus

20. Students are suggested to make use of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular facilities available in the college to the optimum levels.

21. Political activity in any form is not allowed in the College campus.

22. The treatment to other fellow students,Harassing juniors or any such form of ragging is objectionable and it will be treated as criminal offence by the law enforcing agencies as per the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Responsibilities of faculty members

1. A faculty member is advised to continuously make efforts to take new challenges and means to counsel and motivate the students towards studies and career growth.

2. Faculty member must take the best lectures with theory and practical examples of the subject.

3. A faculty member must display his / her dedication while teaching the students.

4. A faculty member must be a good thinker with positive thinking to improve the system and academic environment of the institute.

5.A faculty member expected to make general counseling of the students to maintain disciplane and towards the career growth.

6. Faculty member should not allowed to enter into the any type of arguments with students in front of everybody.

7. A faculty member should communicate politely and respectfully with other collegue members and with the students also.

8. A faculty member must be present within the department and / or within the academic area of the institute, except during the lunch hours and not supposed to conduct any private meetings in the college campus.

Responsibilities of office superintendent

1. To scrutinize Admission & Eligibility documents and registers of admission.

To supervise and maintain personal files of staff and faculty.

3. Maintaining P.F. accounts of staff members as the case may be.

4. Maintaining discipline and work schedule of class IV employees.

5. Scrutinize attendance register of staff and put up to the Principalchamber for his/her counter signature daily.

6. Proper maintain of casual leave register

7. Maintain movement register for staff under office administration.

8.Supervise daily reports received from security section and other sections‐of the college.

9.Maintain key board and supervise key movement register.

10.Initiate disciplinary action wherever necessary on instructions of principal

11.Render/Guidance/Assistance to Accounts & other Sections whenever required/ask for

12.Organise printing of brochures and placement documents for the institute.

13. Assistant Principal in receiving guests and visiting dignitaries in a dignified manner.

14. Initiate and record all correspondence & put up the same to Principal /HOD & section heads.

15.Maintaining of all the files duly numbered updated in all respects in a systematic format

16.He shall be responsible for all the matters assigned to establishment section, students section, stores section, maintenance section and security section.

17. To supervise control of admission section, he shall not deal with admission matter directly or indirectly.

18. General discipline & Healthy relations maintained among the staff of Institute.

To receive parents/Visitors/students in a dignified & delightful manner so that nobody gets hurt & sort out problem in concern with HOD/section heads.

Responsibilities of Librarian

1. To prepare and issue of Library cards to students and staff.

2. To receive demand slips from students and issue books to students as per their demand and library rules.

3.follow up return of books issued to students and staff members

4. To maintain fine collection register and instruct students to deposit the fine in the bank through challan.

5. To receive requisitions and issue and receive books from students, staffs following complete procedure.

6. To display new arrivals by photocopy of the cover page of the books and journals

7. To receive international journals & magazines and highlight important articles, news.

8. To update and maintain files of paper cuttings.

9. To compile back volumes of journals and periodicals and arrange for binding and stacking.

10. To see that library is in a presentable and tidy condition at all the time.

11. To attend to problems of the staff members, if any, and redress the same promptly.

12. To maintain the day wise records of visits of students/staff faculty members in library.

13. Display of cuttings of news papers on education /social matters on notice boards.

14. To conduct the meeting of library committee as per guideline & work as a secretary of library committee.

15. To Compile requirement of books & periodical periodically & submit to the principal for further procurement.

16. To take care of library automation & update the same from time to time.

17. To effectively encourage faculty & student to use e‐journals-books always in working condition.

18. To carry out 100% annual verification prepare list of book which one outdated & damaged beyond use.

19. To regularly under take binding of books which are damaged.

20. To make report to HOD/section heads books not at all referred by faculty and students.

21. To receives expert committee & present to them effectively.

22. Any other matter assigned by Principal from time to time.